Many of my clients ask me about using their health insurance. My standard reply includes the following.

You are more than welcome to use your health insurance. I do not contract directly with any health insurance company, but since I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the State of Washington, many insurance companies will reimburse their customers when they use my services.

As my client, you will pay me up front, week by week, and I will help you complete the one page HCFA form – otherwise known as the Health Insurance Claim Form. (I have copies you may use.)

In this case, I would be considered an out of network provider. It is then on you, the customer of the health insurance company, to call them and find out what kind of diagnoses they cover with your particular plan, the number of sessions, and at what rate or percentage you will be reimbursed.

Ideally, they will cover relationship counseling, and not only mental health diagnoses. If they do not cover relationship counseling, they will likely cover any official mental health diagnosis such as Major Depression, Anxiety, and possibly Adjustment Disorders. In our first session, we will go over what it entails to have a mental health diagnosis attached to your name.

In many cases, clients are already in the system with Depression, for example, are receiving medication, and have no problem with their name being in the system.

Others are not, and do not wish to be. In such cases, if their insurance does not cover relationship counseling, clients choose to pay out of pocket.

Here’s to your fully satisfying and connecting relationship! Just remember – you’re worth the investment it takes.