Increasing conflict is making simple communication a real pain – you’re alternating back and forth from explosive words to tense silence. Depression or anxiety is creeping up on you, and you know it’s bad for the kids to sense the lack of stability.

If you are tired of the same old argument with your partner, and are even throwing out the dreaded “D” word (Divorce) in the heat of it, I can help you get the clarity you need to decide if your relationship is worth saving – and to do what’s needed to get things back on track.

Couples come to me with or without their partners to lay things out on the table, so to speak, to get real and to get to the point, without further delay. I work with you to understand your partner better and to make yourself understood – to be heard.

Whether your difficulties are caused by differing goals or values, varying personality or communication styles, or a difference in personal experience, I can help shed light on where your communication is breaking down, and what to do about it. I look forward to working with you!

Take the first step to help.

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