Bottle it Up and Store It for the Next Time You Feel Blue…

by SunraySheryl on June 2, 2010

In chatting with a client recently, I suggested she bottle the good feelings she was experiencing that day, and keep them on hand for the next time she succumbed to overwork, fatigue and/or hormone fluctuations.

We both chuckled thinking, wouldn’t that be awesome if we could really do that? How often have you felt that “end of the world” feeling when things seemed to be crashing down around you just too much? We humans have a limited amount of energy, and it serves us well to figure out how to “budget” it much like we budget (or could budget..) spending our money. Where do you want to spend the energy you do have?

Even though the term “self-care” has been bandied about almost to the point of losing its meaning, what we can remember to do is
“Rest well.” (I recently told a Facebook friend to play hard and to laugh hard – I think that fits right in here!)

My client and I agreed we would go for telling ourselves to “Rest well,” quitting work earlier in the day, taking several or more days off in a row, “un-plugging” from voice mail, email, you name it.

What can you do right now to Rest Well in your life?

Call me to set up an appointment if you are too overwhelmed to sort this one out on your own – you deserve to take good care of yourself.

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Rest Well!

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