I Thought We Were Both Speaking English!

by SunraySheryl on May 27, 2010

Have you ever stopped to consider how many of your relationship challenges are related to personality differences? As if it weren’t enough dealing with gender differences, right? (And cultural differences, now that’s a separate post.)

Sometimes we seem to be speaking another language than our spouse, because it sure seems like he or she isn’t comprehending us! These kinds of misunderstandings originate in seeing things from a different angle than the other person. That can be explained in some cases by differences in personality.

What to do in a situation like that? There’s more than one option, believe me.

A few of them aren’t too productive–like throwing your hands up in the air and giving up till next time, or walking off after throwing a sarcastic (though admittedly very cleverly worded) epithet in their direction. I’m sure you can think of other similar reactions.

More helpful is to come to an understanding of what your partner’s perspective is, and for your partner to try to see yours. This probably sounds easier than it is, especially if you are fed up and the situation has escalated through repeated instances, with emotions running high.

Here’s where I can help out. I am good at seeing where each person is coming from, and holding a neutral space in the counseling office, so that each person can feel heard by their partner and can learn to express themselves more effectively.

Feel free to contact me anytime at 4256521413 or by email sheryl@sunraycounseling.com . Or visit my counseling website at www.sunraycounseling.com for more answers to your questions.

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