Seasons Change and the Holiday Advance

by SunraySheryl on November 1, 2010

It’s always amazing to me how quickly the season changes from crisp fall colors to wind-blown soggy leaves on the ground. And summer doesn’t seem that long ago to me either.

In the same way, there are seasons in a relationship. Sometimes everything seems new and bright and sunny, just like spring. Then it can move into a phase more relaxed and warm, like a summer day. Later, there may be changes in the air, just like fall. At times it is invigoratingly cool, yet colorful – and then comes the gray and drizzle. (And we’re not even going to talk about winter yet!)

How would you relate these seasonal changes to describe what’s going on for you now with your partner? Are you in a new and exciting dating relationship, or eager for that beautiful wedding you’re planning? Are you experiencing some serious chemistry and great passion? Are you feeling deep contentment and the bliss of security? Are you going with the flow and able to tolerate dips in overall harmony?

Or you may say, “What harmony? We are arguing all the time.” It could be that the conflict is a sign there’s still some life, something left to salvage – it’s not all ice cold yet.

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(PS Check in soon to hear about an interesting interview on “Family Gatherings” I had with a close business associate of mine.)

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