What makes you different from all the others?

by SunraySheryl on November 10, 2009

Last week I had the most delightful impromptu interview with a couple who were looking for the right marriage therapist. Amongst several really smart questions, there was one that has stuck with me the last few days, and I’ve found myself sharpening up my answers!

What makes me different? At first, any modesty I have on the subject would say, not a whole lot. All of my peers in this field care very much about doing a very professional job, all the while being true to themselves, having studied hard in school to get the foundations right and consistently striving to be and do the utmost in carrying out an ethical practice. Yep, all true of me. We go the extra mile, often letting clients go with unpaid balances rather than sending them to collections. We do whatever we can to keep the lines of communication open, even when there are misunderstandings. You won’t find me stuffy or taking myself too seriously. I smile a lot.

Secondly, I have not been in the client chair of many of my peers, so even though I may know them quite well, I may not actually know how they come across from the therapist’s chair!

But I do know myself, and we are trained to use our self in the art of practicing therapy.

And this is what I know about myself! I am highly creative, and extremely curious, very friendly and prone to use humor (where appropriate and with sensitivity, of course). I have mastered the use of both sides of my brain, and while I am highly analytical and a quick study, I use my sensitivity to gauge what I say to the best of my ability. Sometimes I have such sharp insight, a question of mine may come across as “Touche!” which is good if the client can receive it. It’s like having the layers peeled back to reveal the crux of the matter.

As a person in general, I am fairly transparent (I’ve been where many of you are – this leads to humility and compassion, not to mention astute understanding of the dynamics.) I am spontaneous and a life learner. I learn from my clients every day!

So put that high level of creativity together with spontaneity, and you get customized “homework” made up for you and your partner right on the spot. And if you don’t want homework, I am flexible enough to think up something that might appeal to you better. I am more informal than structured, but if you need and want structure, I co-create it with you so it suits your style of learning. I make a lot of use of metaphor to help you understand your spouse better.

Thank you for all I have learned from my clients and potential clients!

Give me a call and see if we’re a fit. I’m looking forward to it!!

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