Healing.. Sounds Comforting, But Can Be a Painful Process

by Sheryl Brown on July 19, 2013

When I hear the word, ‘healing,’ I like to think of gentleness, comfort and rest. We definitely do need those things in order to heal.

But the truth is that healing also has its painful and sometimes grueling side.

Just think of a person recovering from a burn. There is excruciating pain, as the dead layers of skin need to be sloughed off, allowing the new skin to regenerate. Antiseptics need to be applied that almost always sting.

It’s a great metaphor for healing in a relationship. There is very often a painful process of  stripping away unhealthy ways of relating that have caused a kind of death in parts of your relationship.

The only way to get through it is to go through it. If you want to have a healthy relationship with your significant other, spouse or other family member, as well as in your friendships and work relationships, you have to get rid of damaging ways of communicating.

Let me know some of the ways you have been successful in stripping away dysfunctional styles of communicating. I always love having the discussion. Just click on the Comments link below and speak away 😉

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