Reasons We Procrastinate (on getting counseling)

by SunraySheryl on March 1, 2009

Why do we procrastinate on getting counseling when we have already decided it is an absolute “must do now or else”? I’m going to throw out a few ideas of my own, and would love to hear your views on this as well.

Sometimes a person is waiting for his or her spouse or partner to come on board. One person is more ready than the other and really wants to go in as a couple.

Another and very common reason is the sheer busy-ness of life. There is always something on the calendar, and it’s hard to squeeze in one more thing.

There are times when the overwhelm of a betrayal keeps one in shock. It seems crazy-making to look at it, and bewildering to know where to turn.

And here’s a good one for the times – there isn’t enough money. When you have just lost your job, how can anyone argue with that?

With all these reasons, if you know what you really want – to get help for your partnership or marriage, and to really work things out – you can’t let anything get in your way. You must go after it.

It is possible to work on your relationship – even if you are the only one to go in for therapy. You can cut one thing from your schedule, and go in for even a one time counseling session. You can reach out for help by calling a therapist, even if your pain is keeping you paralyzed. You can skip one other thing you might have purchased and use that savings for at least one session. Or you can ask about a sliding scale. Many therapists have a few slots open for this.

Don’t let anything come in your way of getting help for you and your partner – you deserve it. When it comes down to it, there is no monetary value you can put on your love relationship.

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