Resiliency in Spite of Discouragement

by SunraySheryl on March 5, 2009

In my counseling practice, I have been honored to work with some very resilient people. Resiliency that becomes evident in the face of great discouragement, stress and even trauma.

Some of these hardships are so over the top that the word “difficulty” scarcely does them justice.

We could brainstorm a list of words that connote challenge or problem, and possibly get ourselves down in the process. But for every “downer” word, there is also a positive, victorious word.

For discouragement, there is encouragement.
For problem, there is solution.
For challenge, there is overcoming or rising to the challenge
For stress, there is de-stress or relaxation.
For trauma or woundedness, there is healing.

Where is your support for discouragement, problems, stress and trauma?
Where is your source of encouragement, solution and healing?

You may have your support system in place with friends and family.
Or you may be getting ready to commit to therapy to find solutions.

If you are ready to consider therapy, call me at 425 652-1413.
I’m here for your healing.

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